Short Therapy Duration

Approximately 1 Month of PROVENGE Immunotherapy

PROVENGE is administered in three 1-hour infusions, each preceded by a standard leukapheresis procedure (a standard cell-collection procedure performed at a blood center).

26 Weeks of Sustained Immune Response


A sustained immune response to PROVENGE was seen out to 26 weeks in the pivotal study (the last time point measured).1


Responses to treatment with PROVENGE may not be reflected through changes in PSA levels.2

Immunotherapies such as PROVENGE require time to generate an immune response, and evidence of activity may be delayed, while cytotoxic therapies have their greatest effects soon after initiation of therapy.3,4

PROVENGE Administration

  • Every PROVENGE patient will need a venous assessment, at least 1 week before the first leukapheresis procedure, to determine which access method will lead to a successful leukapheresis collection

    Venous Assessment Information
    Venous assessment prior to the first leukapheresis procedure

    Preparing for Leukapheresis and Infusion Days
    Help patients prepare for a leukapheresis procedure

  • Infusions can be administered through a peripheral line or a central venous catheter (23% of patients received central venous catheters in the pivotal trial)
  • To help minimize infusion reactions such as chills and fever, pretreat patients orally with acetaminophen and an antihistamine such as diphenhydramine approximately 30 minutes prior to infusion with PROVENGE
  • Each infusion takes approximately 1 hour
  • Use primary intravenous tubing with no cell filter for the infusion

How to Infuse PROVENGE
Learn more about how to infuse PROVENGE

PROVENGE Dosing Sample Schedule
A Sample PROVENGE Schedule

The dosing interval ranged from 1 to 15 weeks in controlled clinical trials1

Leukapheresis and PROVENGE infusions are scheduled 2 to 3 days apart and can start on various days of the week

Prior to the first leukapheresis procedure, a venous assessment must be done by the prescribing practitioner

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