The PROVENGE Difference

HowPROVENGE Targets and Attacks mCRPC*

PROVENGE activates T cells to target and attack prostate cancer cells.

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Immunotherapy Helps the Immune System Fight Disease

PROVENGE is an autologous cellular immunotherapy designed to activate a patient’s immune system to target and attack prostate cancer cells.

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ShortDuration of PROVENGE Therapy

PROVENGE therapy typically takes about 1 month, and a sustained immune response has been observed out to 26 weeks.

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Manageable Side Effect Profile

Only 1.5% of patients in the pivotal Phase 3 IMPACT Trial discontinued treatment with PROVENGE due to adverse events.

The most common adverse events in PROVENGE trials were chills, fatigue, fever, back pain, nausea, joint ache, and headache.

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*Metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer